maandag 3 maart 2008


Hello, thank you for visiting my blog.

I'm totally crazy about engineering a homestudio, constructing a homestudio, upgrading or maintaining your recording studio, EVERYthing about homestudio 's. I am hoping you are willing to participate and post some stories and pictures of your own studio, kinda like a small homerecording forum. Every info would be welcome for example: EQ tables, a guide how to solder a multicore audio cable to how to isolate your studio for low frequenties.

To kick-off here are some pics:

nice :)

nicer ;)... (wish it was my studio hehe)

Looks comfy here :)

my future basement

I hope you enjoyed your stay! I'm hoping to improve this blog a bit so every feedback is welcome, here is some inspiration: Wallinsulation, roofinsulation, studio projectmanagement, guitars effects, guitar micing, microphones, microphone preamps,(multi)effect units, equalizers, EQ settings, recording hints, etc, etc....

Update: Don't be shy, please share your studio-pictures with us!!

Update: Check our new recording studio website here